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My Red Team assessment hardware

My Red Team assessment hardware

Many friends and colleagues are asking me what I use for red team assessments so I decided to write a post with my arsenal – which will could not reflect others Red Team approach.

Also, the hardware is task specific. For example, if you’re going on a Wifi hunt you might not need a set of lockpicking tools – well you never know 🙂

Other people lists can be found here:

Feel free to Tweet @dsopas with new lists or even recommend stuff for me to buy 🙂

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Pointer hijack and portapack testing

When I was in Casa das Artes – venue for an event that I would give a talk – I was discussing some RF topics with my pal Zezadas. One of them was to play with RF pointers… I went home the next day and did a small prank which involved the hackrf replay of a windows (works in 7 or 10) shutdown – video -> here!

If you want to have real fun with pointers – check our mame82 LOGITracker research.

BUT not happy with that, I finally got a portapack for “portability” of hackrf. What should be the first video for showing off portapack? My cat’s RF mouse 😀

Video? -> here!

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Checkmarx Security Research Team latest work

We’ve got a lot of new research in our hands but so far only one got disclosed to the public.

I’m talking about the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate research. It got a few hits on the media (CNET, The TelegraphZDNET, BleepingComputerThreatpost, Fortune, …) and I’m very proud of this work specially because it keeps children more secure.

You can see a small PoC video here and the full research at the Checkmarx blog.

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