Since the middle of April, I decided to help health professionals, firefighters and all the people who were in the frontline against COVID-19 with 3D printed visors and ear-savers.
After a while the scope had a wide range which any people could ask for this type of protections and in exchange they would offer goods which later would be distributed between local associations.

Sharing is caring right? And why not?

In total I printed on my 3D printer 684 objects:

  • 364 visors
  • 251 ear-savers
  • 19 multi-tools
  • 47 mask carriers

In returned I distributed more than 1200 units of goods.

  • 266 L of milk
  • 213 children diapers
  • 91 tuna cans
  • 85 kilos of pasta
  • 76 eggs

And many other products.

I tried to help as much as possible, specially associations that helped out families with children.
I thought for a while if I would post this but after talking with some people, they told me, why not… Maybe someone will catch the idea and do the same in other locations.

So if you want to start, ping me on Twitter.