A small gesture on this pandemic times

Since the middle of April, I decided to help health professionals, firefighters and all the people who were in the frontline against COVID-19 with 3D printed visors and ear-savers. After a while the scope had a wide range which any people could ask for this type of protections and in exchange they would offer goods… Continue reading A small gesture on this pandemic times

Together we’re strong

A few months ago, me and Luis had the idea to help the firefighters (true heroes) with a donation that could make their job more secure. More than 210 thousand hectares of forest burned in Portugal only this year so this was the right thing to do. After talking with João we thought about bringing… Continue reading Together we’re strong

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Why working in application security makes me a better man?

In the last couple of years I was blessed with a good job at application security that made my life much easier. Above all things, I now have more opportunities to help others and provide my family and friends with small things that makes a lot of difference. Sometimes just being happy that day will… Continue reading Why working in application security makes me a better man?

Small donation to portuguese firefighters

Fire in Viseu...epa03382824 Firemen in full protective clothing find themselves in a life-threatening situation as they uses hoses to fight a red-hot raging forest blaze at Quinta da Sobreira, in Viseu, Centre of Portugal, 04 September 2012. The fire is being fought since yesterday by 185 firelighters supported by aircraft. EPA/NUNO ANDRE FERREIRA

This Summer my country – Portugal – is being devasted with wildfires in Portugal mainland and Madeira archipelago. More than 3000 firefighters made a huge effort to protect people and the forest. Most of them are volunteers so this is my small gift to them… I made a small donation to the local volunteers firefighters.… Continue reading Small donation to portuguese firefighters

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I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help others in need so yesterday I delivered more food to a local animal shelter. I was received with a big smile and warm hug from the shelter owner. I also had the chance of checking a 22 year old female dog called “Docas”. Such a sweet thing… Continue reading Give!

Another donation to APAFF

I’m always happy when I donate food to a local animal shelter. This time was: 50kg of senior dog food 60kg of cat food It’s not enough for more than 150 dogs and 100 cats but it will help them for a while. I promise that will be more…