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30/07/20 Donations # , , ,

A small gesture on this pandemic times

Since the middle of April, I decided to help health professionals, firefighters and all the people who were in the frontline against COVID-19 with 3D printed visors and ear-savers.
After a while the scope had a wide range which any people could ask for this type of protections and in exchange they would offer goods which later would be distributed between local associations.

Sharing is caring right? And why not?

In total I printed on my 3D printer 684 objects:

  • 364 visors
  • 251 ear-savers
  • 19 multi-tools
  • 47 mask carriers

In returned I distributed more than 1200 units of goods.

  • 266 L of milk
  • 213 children diapers
  • 91 tuna cans
  • 85 kilos of pasta
  • 76 eggs

And many other products.

I tried to help as much as possible, specially associations that helped out families with children.
I thought for a while if I would post this but after talking with some people, they told me, why not… Maybe someone will catch the idea and do the same in other locations.

So if you want to start, ping me on Twitter.

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15/11/17 Donations

Together we’re strong

A few months ago, me and Luis had the idea to help the firefighters (true heroes) with a donation that could make their job more secure.
More than 210 thousand hectares of forest burned in Portugal only this year so this was the right thing to do.

After talking with João we thought about bringing more people together, specially in the infosec community. The objective was to bring more cash to the bucket.

The decision was unanimous, donate as much as we can to Associação dos Bombeiros Voluntários da Figueira da Foz.
Currently they’re asking for an acquisition of a new car.
This operation requires a huge amount of money. Other donations are applied in tires, car repairs, fuel, water, IT equipment and firefighters special clothes.

So if you want to help out…

The IBAN is PT50 0045 3050 4024 7032 1811 2.
Also don’t forget to send an email to geral at bvff.com.pt with the wire transfer confirmation and your NIF so they can also send you the receipt.

The following community gathered a total of 1845€:


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10/04/17 Donations , Inspiration , Life Style

Why working in application security makes me a better man?

In the last couple of years I was blessed with a good job at application security that made my life much easier. Above all things, I now have more opportunities to help others and provide my family and friends with small things that makes a lot of difference. Sometimes just being happy that day will contribute to the ones that surround you with a smile in their faces. It’s contagious 🙂

Last Sunday I received a warm hug from the lady who runs the animal local shelter. I delivered some food to feed their more than 400 cats and dogs – they really needed. That hug and sincere eyes of the lady made my week. I thought to my self – It’s just a little help but if everyone helps a little, the world will be a better place right?

In the past I tweeted that when I reached 3k reputation points at Cobalt.io I would donate $500 USD to a open-source security project. I got to that goal and donated to sqlmap project. Cobalt helped me on this and had more $500. 1k to a project that is maintained by only two developers. One of the replies I got from this was that I was a inspiration… That’s one of my life goals. To inspire more people to application security and to GIVE to others that need or deserve.

I really love what I do. Hacking is in my blood and without it I would be incomplete.
I have more than 10 years experience in application security and I’m still learning every single day. The day that I’ll stop learning I’ll quit for good.

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17/08/16 Donations

Small donation to portuguese firefighters

Small donation to portuguese firefighters

This Summer my country – Portugal – is being devasted with wildfires in Portugal mainland and Madeira archipelago. More than 3000 firefighters made a huge effort to protect people and the forest. Most of them are volunteers so this is my small gift to them… I made a small donation to the local volunteers firefighters.

Thanks, you’re true heroes!

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18/01/16 Donations # , , , ,



I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help others in need so yesterday I delivered more food to a local animal shelter.
I was received with a big smile and warm hug from the shelter owner. I also had the chance of checking a 22 year old female dog called “Docas”. Such a sweet thing 🙂

Also I contributed with the yearly maintenance of the web hosting and domain of a public health institution. They care so much for their patients and give their best everyday so I decided they deserve a small help from my part.

Helping others is something that we all should do. You don’t need to donate money.
Sometimes just listening is helping…

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28/09/15 Donations # , , ,

Another donation to APAFF

Another donation to APAFF

I’m always happy when I donate food to a local animal shelter.

This time was:
50kg of senior dog food
60kg of cat food

It’s not enough for more than 150 dogs and 100 cats but it will help them for a while.
I promise that will be more…

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06/08/15 Bug Bounty , Donations # , ,

Sharing is caring!

Sharing is caring!

I always try to help the local dogs and cats shelter with food and medications.
Some extra cash from bug bounties helped me to give more often so I try to do my best.

The reward is priceless! Dogs and cats that were abandoned with a better way of life.

Hope you guys do the same…

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